About the author

bookLondon born Polly first studied nutrition whilst training to be a dancer in her late teens and early twenties. A healthy diet plays an important role in keeping in peak condition for dancers, but unlike other sports where performance is the focus, dancers are pressured to be slim and physically attractive to get work too, and this can drive young dancers to all sorts of unhealthy methods in attempts to lose weight quickly for auditions. Polly picked up many tips, both healthy and unhealthy, along the way, but can now use that knowledge to make informed choices about how and what to eat to stay both slim AND healthy.

Nutrition as a subject was covered more comprehensively whilst studying for an HND in Beauty and Health Therapy Management at Chichester College, equipping Polly with detailed knowledge of how food impacts health and wellbeing as well as weight.

Polly acquired the qualification of Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant, and followed this by co-founding and becoming a director of The Fit Mum Formula, who provide online nutritional and fitness programmes in a more detailed and comprehensive way, focusing on fat loss, and increased muscle tone, leading to a more effective metabolism and addressing issues such as insulin resistance and the effects different foods have on your hormonal disposition.

These days Polly has a creditably healthy attitude towards food. This, combined with her knowledge of nutrition, enables her to be both slim and healthy whilst enjoying any food she likes in a normal, sociable, realistic way, enjoying the odd burger or piece of cake as much as the rest of us.

Polly is a full-time Mum to four-year-old Aurora and one-year-old Bella, whom she wants to have a healthy, relaxed attitude towards food in a world where even children are being inundated with images of ‘perfect’ bodies and complex dietary advice. She decided to write this book out of frustration at the ridiculous diet advice and claims we are frequently bombarded with by the media, who cash in on our insecurities and weight problems with their impressively creative nonsense which serves only to not work, so that readers will buy the next publication looking for an alternative solution. Two thirds of UK adults are overweight, and it has been suggested that if trends continue 25 percent of children will be obese by 2050 *42. With Polly having witnessed first-hand the effects of yo-yo dieting and unhealthy weightloss methods as a dancer, the importance of staying healthy is something she feels very passionate about. Not only for herself but also to set a new positive health forecast for future generations.

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